Are you in the mood for a book about zombies, magical cafeteria food, and funny inventions?

If so, then the book for you is Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur and the Attack of the Mysterious Lunch Meat. 

There are lots of great middle-grade books out there. The type of book you want to read is going to vary with the mood you’re in. And to help you narrow down which one you want to pick up, I’m going to read them and give you a quick summary and “in the mood for” description.

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If you’re in the mood for: middle school zombies, bad cafeteria food, funny inventions, octopus secret agent, saving the school  

Summary: When Fillmore Middle School hires a new cafeteria director, the food becomes weirder - so weird that the lunches that Billy’s dad makes him such as donut-kale-trout pizza look kind of good. And after the students and teachers eat school’s mystery meat, they turn into zombies. It’s up to Billy Sure and his team to come up with an invention to turn everyone back to normal and solve the mystery before they get turned into zombies as well.

This humorous story has many unexpected twists and turns that’ll keep you wanting to read more. Plus, Billy mentions some of his clever past inventions such as a cat-dog translator (which is what it sounds like – turn your cat into a dog and vice versa) and candy toothbrush. The illustrations are also pretty cool and there’s even a zomboctopus so if you’ve never seen an octopus turned into a zombie, here’s your chance.

Happy Reading!

Title: Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur and the Attack of the Mysterious Lunch Meat

Author: Luke Sharpe

Illustrator: Graham Ross

Pages: 146


Borrow: Your local library