5 Reasons to Read a Book Today

boy reading - 5 benefits.jpg

Want to explore a new world without leaving your bedroom? There’s a simple and healthy way to do it – reading! These days, we can easily get swept away into the world of the Internet, phone, and text messages, but reading a book has many advantages you may not have considered. Here are five benefits of reading.  

1.       Vocabulary

Based on research done at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, having an expansive vocabulary is connected with lower cognitive decline and lower instances of Alzheimer’s. Reading is a fun way to build up your vocabulary and protect your brain.

2.       Perspective

It makes it easier for you to be able to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. A study at Emory University found that the brain showed improved connectivity in the left temporal cortex the day after reading which means that there is a biological change that occurs when you read that helps you identify with the characters in the book. Empathy, which is the ability to view the world from someone else’s perspective, can help you in many different areas of life.

3.       Relaxation

After a long or difficult day at school or work, a book can take your attention away from your problems. Instead of dwelling on what went wrong that day, you can focus on an entertaining story and be transported into a new world. Also, taking a break from worrying will help you feel less stressed by clearing your mind.

4.       Fun

An easy way to be entertained is by reading and you don’t even have to leave your house. With so many different genres to choose from, chances are that you’ll find something that matches your mood and interests. And it’s all just a drive (to the library) or a click away (if you’re an online reader).

5.       Learning

I don’t mean learning because your teacher or manager told you to do it (even though there’s a time and place for that as well), but actually exploring topics that you’re interested in. You want to know more about the marine life of Australia? Many books are waiting for you. Need information about St. Bernard dogs? No problem, just head to your local library. It’s a vast world out there and discovering new information not only can help you sound smarter, but will serve you in your interests.

So pick up a book today and immerse yourself in a new adventure. You have much to gain. Happy reading!